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I was wrongfully prosecuted, wrongfully convicted of state misdemeanor domestic assault, while located in Nottoway County Virginia, on 10/04/1997. My ex live in girlfriend who I at the time had no legal qualification for the term domestic other than a prior cohabitation exceeding one year limitations in common, came to my place of residence and proceeded with a falsified statements to local law enforcement that I had committed assault against her. Local Agents forced a court Judge to proceed with this charge under a prior cohabitation after much arguments for the Judge himself. The end result was a simple misdemeanor assault conviction. This charge never met the qualification for USC 922, at all, at the time period no mentions of loss of gun rights or loss of civil rights has been registered. Over the years many legal attempts have been made by myself for restorations of my gun rights.

Following state guideline for restorations of gun rights the local circuit court systems upon two separate attempts has denied that process stating that the court does not have jurisdictions in the matter, that this was a federal matter. Because this charge does not meet federal standards for restorations of firearms rights I can not have my rights restored as I am stuck between Federal And State Government. A totally unfair justification and misinterpretations of Laws that concern MCDV.

Every Attorney I have spoken to has told me the same thing, that individuals such as my case are not going to have their rights restored until The Federal Government grants Jurisdictions to The State Governments for the restorations of right through the Federal Gun control ACT. In 1996 one US Senator changed the entire US Constitution by using statistics of the State Of New Jersey. That has affected the entire United States Government to the point that State Government does not have the right to govern its own people a granted right protected under the US Constitution provisional acts.

Every Convicted Felon has the protected right to have their gun rights restored by both federal and state court systems but convicted misdemeanors do not! Even the federal court system in US v White concluded that the interpretations of its own law in its entirety did not meet the qualification of Any Part of US 922 period, yet the fact has remained the same. I am pleading for any assistance in this matter, my record speaks for itself, I haven’t even had much as a traffic ticket in over 20 years yet I can not have my rights restored, this is a injustice to a great many that the time to address this issue is long over due!

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