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My nightmare actually began March 2005 when I moved in with boyfriend of 6 months at the age of 34.  I didn’t know him like I thought, he was involved in drugs. I knew of his use, but did not […]

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What is Criminal Record Expungement or Record Sealing?

Expungement or record sealing is the process of requesting that the courts and/or law enforcement agencies modify, seal or destroy criminal records. The definition, benefits and requirements of expungement or record sealing varies by state. In many instances when a record is expunged or sealed, it cannot be viewed by the public and the applicant does not have to disclose any past criminal activity. Most states offer this relief because it is good public policy to allow deserving people to fully contribute in society.

Take a free record clearing eligibility testto find out what service you may qualify for. Many states have minimum eligibility requirements before a record can be expunged or sealed. Many states require:

  • Completion of sentence (incarceration, probation, parole)
  • All fines and restitution paid in full
  • No pending charges or criminal proceedings
  • No intervening convictions

Beware of Scam Expungement Sites By Non-Attorneys

Clear My Record WarningWARNING! Everyday people trying to clear their record get scammed by using a non-attorney to expunge or seal their record. Do not waste your money, give your confidential information, or blow what may be your only chance to clear your record by using anyone other than a licensed attorney. We have compiled a list of non-attorney websites you should avoid at all cost. Make sure you visit our page on avoiding scams before paying anyone.

Finding an expungement attorney that you can trust

Expungement LawyersWe have created a list of the most highly recommended attorneys who specialize in record clearing, expungement, and sealing. The expungement lawyers are separated by which state they work in and they are all top rated attorneys with excellent results at removing criminal records. If you are serious about removing your criminal record make sure you find a real attorney to handle your case.

Featured Expungement Attorney

Featured Expungement Attorney (The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates) has helped thousands of people remove their criminal records. They even have a free online eligibility test to see which services you qualify for. currently handles cases in Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah , and Washington.

Criminal Record Background Checks

The first step to removing your criminal record is to find out what, if anything, is showing up on your criminal background. If you suspect a criminal record is holding you back from jobs or other opportunities we recommend visiting our partner,, where you can get your complete criminal history for a very low price.

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