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My nightmare actually began March 2005 when I moved in with boyfriend of 6 months at the age of 34.  I didn’t know him like I thought, he was involved in drugs. I knew of his use, but did not know how the severity of his use. Shortly after moving in with him, he became verbally and physically abusive. I knew I had messed up, I tried to leave several times but wasn’t allowed to.  He would hang on my car, open the door, take my keys, etc. I was not allowed to leave his sight, or if he left the house he would take my car.  In June 2005 he was getting phone calls from a guy he called Cory that just got out of prison and was his childhood friend. I answered several calls in a two week period. He was trying to get my BF to hook him up with drugs.  My BF told me what he wanted, I said no you are not a dealer you don’t sell drugs, he listened until this one day after being called everyday, my BF was like OK I will meet you. I heard him and when he got off phone I asked, “Who was that? Where you going?” I also heard him say I’ll be in a blue truck. I said who are you meeting, I got to meet a friend that owes me money.  I said your damn ass is going to prison, he said you are going with me, I said hell no and he said get in your car now I’m driving. I said no, but he made me go while he drove my car.  All he would say was he was going to get money owed.  He pulls up at a gas station and looks at me and says I dropped the sack find it. I started yelling we are going to prison, I had never been on a dope deal and don’t know where he got that shit from but as I was yelling the dude walks up.  That was my first time meeting him, and I never saw a sack or money swap. Dude was wearing a wire and camera, but didn’t know until dtf pulls us over in my car September  2006, on no blinker use, issued BF’s arrest warrant for distribution. Gave me 4 days to call with info or they were charging me. I didn’t sell drugs, I had no drugs on me that day, or in car I called BS on them.  In Aug 2007 after BF was sentenced to probation and rehab, I was arrested for conspiracy because I didn’t call snitching. Since BF pleaded guilty that automatically made me guilty I had no defense. I spent 30 days in county before BF’s mom bailed me out.  I paid $5500 in fines and 3 years probation, and in the video I’m just sitting in passenger side.

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