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Was with someone 10 years. Things were going bad at time. My son bit my daughter twice on the back leaving welts. In turn I bit my son to teach him a lesson. My partner meaning not married, decided to call the cops on me. He did not want me to take the house and that was his ploy to keep me out. I spent two days in jail, him telling no one. If my best friend did not retain an attorney for me they would have followed the guidlines under domestic violence and would not have been able to see my children for 30 days. My kids are disabled and its my job to take care of them. He did not think about his job. The charges were dropped on lack of evidence.  Now when you look up my record it looks like I am a child abuser even though the charges were dropped my picture from being arrested is still there. Job, nice place to live, everyone runs back ground checks. Most of all this was someone who loved me. He wad just out to destroy.  I think I t’s wonderful that there are programs like this out there. Nice to see someone helping not hurting. Thanks for the help.         A Loving Mom, I promise

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