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I’ve never get arrested before. I’m single father with two kids and caretaker for my mother. Having flexible hours around my everyday life I decided to join and work for taxi company*****. All my documents uploaded and updated. I filled background check and waited for the results to come in. I got an email came in for result background check was rejected. I wanted a copy for my result to see why and what reason. I found out that on background check indicate that I’m a SEX OFFENDER. My whole world, my life were turned upside down. My feelings had change my body and mind. I couldn’t sleep couldn’t eat. I’m not strong to carry my children and my mom everyday around the house. It really affect my lifestyle. I’m not that person who done the crime. There’s some kind of error. Mistake taken upon the innocent need to be solves. It will destroy my life my kids and my mother. I am against sex offender and I am innocent! Please anyone out there can help me and my family for this situation or give any advices email me how can i clear my name

User story by Ricky in Arizona

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