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  I was a police officer for five yrs in Miami dade fl. ON 12-09-05 I was accused of steeling a twenty dollar bill form an under cover det. The guy had 2,000 dollars of marked county bills on him. When the Det […]

There was this young girl that had a job working in the local drug store. She met another young girl that had been out in the world a while and new a few things. She persuaded The girl to let […]

To Whom it may Concern: I am writing this to inform you of the injustices of some of these laws that you have passed. I have a class 6 undangerous unrepetative offence and yet I am unable to clear my […]

Danielle L. was arrested for dui, later changed to wreckless driving.  She left her children at night to spy on her husband.  We are her parents and was renting the next door condo, she text me, but I didn’t respond.  […]

in 1997 i was just 21 i got a dui my life dream was plubic survice and i was told that ended that dream could not come true a mustake i made the first time i ever got into trouble […]

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