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When I was 16 I had a girlfriend. We were heavily into cocaine and marijuanna. We were planning on leaving to Job Corps together and the day before we were scheduled to go she calls me and says I have […]

Well to start off, i am now currently 24 years of age with a felony count of criminal conspiracy to commit armed robbery. My story starts back in 2008. I was hanging out with some of my friends and my […]

Hello all, A Judge in DC Superior Court ordered my criminal record expunged in 2008.  The record was not closed, and therefore its in the publics view.  Also all private background investigative companies have my open record in their databases.  […]

long story short. As a juvenile(17) I associated with individuals whom made poor decisions, which in turned, I made some poor decisions as well. The crime that was commited was a 211pc-robbery. It was more of just going up to […]

In 2005, I was convicted of an E felony and misdemeanor charge for controlled substance and marijuana. I was at a club with friends and decided to be the first one out. I waited in my friends car for the […]

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