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Hello my story began with a very abusive boyfriend that had custudy of his three children….he and i had a 11 year age difference so i was really naive and innocent…i got tired of it and decided to move to […]

I was 18 at the time I stole an amplifier from a persons car. Brand new it was worth less than 250.00 retail. When this item was returned to him he sold it to my friend for 100.00. His mother […]

im 42 years old!! a UNITED STATE CITZEN born in nyack ny 1970!!! 1998 I made a decision that i regret for the rest of my life!! I was a struggling father of 2 at the age of 2! I […]

My name is Alex G., I live in Tallahassee, FL, today is April, 2nd, 2013. Currently my age is nine-teen I am now a convicted felon for grandtheft and robbery of conveince. I screwed up while I was on alcohol […]

My misdemeanor charge was expunged in 2011, and I was charged for another incident about a month ago. Does this mean that I cannot have my recent incident expunged?

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