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I was 21 when i was charged.   They used my juvenile record to convict me if they had not i was to be given a lesser sentence. I am appealing but it’s been 3 years My family cannot afford an […]

Every time I apply for a job everybody keeps telling me no because of some very old charges that i had in 1998 and 1982. i don’t think it’s fair to keep holding that against me especially if i have been […]

I was convicted of delivery of crack cocaine in 1991 in Texas.  I took $50.00 from an undercover officer and an informant and went into the crack house and bought it and gave it to them.  A year later under […]

i’m just tired of peoples always telling me no when I am applying for a job even if my charges are 10 yrs old

I’m not making excuses for anything I did, I merely want to get a job. I had already been having a hard time in the Military. I had to restart basic when I mostly through due to a technicality, and […]

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