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I was convicted for a weapons charge because of the medication Chantix, the quit smoking medication. I began the Chantix medication shortly before a 3rd back surgery and, as the commercials suggest, one of the side effects IS “suicidal” tendencies […]

My wife and I bought a beautiful four bedroom, three level, single family home in 2006.  We moved in from an apartment that was under a quarter a mile away. Our five children, two boys aged seven and one, and three girls aged […]

In 2009 the city of Philadelphia was going bankrupt and was confronted with the laying off of teachers, fireman, and police. One solution to the problem was to process warrants at a record pace. In 2009 I was extradited for a […]

I was wrongfully prosecuted, wrongfully convicted of state misdemeanor domestic assault, while located in Nottoway County Virginia, on 10/04/1997. My ex live in girlfriend who I at the time had no legal qualification for the term domestic other than a […]

In January of 2009, I allowed my Nigerian husband to come to America through a Spouse visa. He ended up abusing me in many ways: sexually, verbally, and mentally. I put up with it thinking that he was going to […]

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