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In 2001 I was in a terrible automobile accident were someone was killed. As the driver of the vehicle I was partly to blame for the accident as I was speeding.     Two years later I was charged with Homicide By […]

my story may not be different from some..but what happened to me was because I had no money..I was scared and didn’t know my rights when they locked me up. I met a guy and some of his friends that […]

I used to work for someone as a private nurse aid. He was a strock client.. my job was included doing everything for him. he lived with a roommate who was never there for him, but using everyrhing he has.. […]

I had several bounced checks due to an accounting error on my part.  I paid dearly with overdraft charges, but one check was not taken care of.  I tried to go to Wal-Mart and pay the check, but they had […]

I have made mistakes. When i was 18- 22 of disorderly conducts and a DUI, but i had 14 felonies and they were dropped to one misdemeanor and since i was convicted of disorderly conducts i cant get anything sealed […]

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