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i got caught and serve my time with a lot of drug classes in a camp i had no trouble with no one in camp i became a counselor to a lot of women speaking the word of the lord holding strong.all i wanted to do was get back home  to my 3 month old son who is now 12 and doing well and so am i .when a person serve there time they should be giving a second chance to show their honesty i feel as long as you was ok doing lock down no write ups and when you get out i been out 13 years no issues the only thing i go through is trying to get a state,federal or county job that i have a degree got my associate in paralegal.  all i need is a second chance to show any one i am true to the real world now i got with a negative- bad crowed i now make better choices for my son,my grand-kids,my family and myself just one more chance i will not fail just one more chance if there some one out there that can help me please i will do what foot work i need to do please

User story by rosetta s. in Colorado

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