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I have been working as a C.N.A forĀ 12 years . I worked in Pensacola FL. Indianapolis,IN and Houston ,TX .I never been changed for mistreatment or Body Harm to anyone. Sometimes that’s rare. ButĀ  I moved to Houston,TX with my sister.Because she was in a abused in a relationship. So that’s how and why I came to Texas. After moving I got a job at HCR. Manor Care as A C.N.A. .Then I moved in my own place. But remember I don’t know the bad places to live just trying to find somewhere I could afford. So that was not the greatest place but it was my .Ho yes I lost my mother before I com to Texas. And after getting my feet planted.l went back to school Texas School Of Business for my Pharmacy Technician l graduated November 2006. So know I’m working and going to school

User story by Nyoka Joquin-Adegun in Texas

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