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Some 25 years ago I made several mistakes that now follow my every move.  These were non violent property related crimes of an adolesence era.  Once the dust settled I decided to change my life, my actions and my attitude.  I decided to pickup the pieces off rock bottom and become a productive member of society.  Over time and with Gods help I completed high school, an AAS degree, BA degree, was married, built several homes, had children, a mortgage, car payments, ran an entire HOA and remain employed with the same company for +20 yrs.

Today, I walk ever thinning ice.  The advent of the internet makes the background check a one click requirement to do or enter just about anything you can imagine and a hit = denied.  From changing jobs to assisting the kiddie softball team – your denied period.

The current system does not encourage one to reintergrate into society, it does the opposite.  It traps people into a life of hiding, lying or most often returning to crime.  We need a means of full restoration.

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