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The majority of my charges were all around the same time. In 1994 – Approx 20 years ago.  I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know are not the same person 20 years ago.

At this time can honestly say that I was not. Regardless, I am being persecuted for them, time and time again,  and kept from employment because of them. Every single day.
In 1994 I was on drugs .  Need I say more?  The choices i made were wreckless, impulsive and hurtful to myself more than anyone else.  On my record I am charged with : Forgery, (signed my OWN name to a fictitious document), Breach of Trust  with Fraudulent Intent, ( worked at a poker place and changed one of the numbers on a slip of paper so the payout was more), Possession of Drug paraphanalia, Disorderly Conduct (in 1985), Simple Assault (in 1985), and DUI , (which is INCORRECT.  Reduced down to wreckless driving!!!) , and several Fradulent Check charges.
Anyway, I received a Pardon from the State of SC in 2007 to cover all of these charges. The reason I seeked out the Pardon is because for some strange reason the Forgery charge cannot be expunged – even though it is a misdemeanor.  I think all of the other charges can be.
I am at my wits end trying to gain employment. I am so tired of going on jobs, struggling through interview after interview and in some cases, getting HIRED – only to receive a phone call on the way home telling me that because of my background check I cannot start work.
Is there any help for me out there anywhere?  Can I sue from discrimination?  My parents ask me why i even requested a Pardon if it is doing NO good at all!  I mean, I am supposed to have all of my civil rights RESTORED, right??
The reason why I entitled my story “Life Sentence” is because of this… The last job I worked at for 6 months decided to wait and do a background check on me 6 months after I was hired. The owner took me in his office and fired me because of my background.  When I asked him what I was supposed to do about my past charges he said he did not know. I then asked him if my charges were just like me getting a Life Sentence?   He said “YES”.
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