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After serving my country in Vietnam I went home to Arizona and got into some trouble. I was charge and convicted with a federal conspiracy charge to import marijuana, I received 2 years probation and have never been in any trouble with thelaw in 35 years, I adopted two afro-American children  with no issues after being fingerprinted and cleared. I had a brilliant career with the local Water District being promoted three times.Evenually,I was promoted to Mangement. I served 22 years and was responsible for the construction of over 100 million dollars in new infratruture, The point is I made one mistake and now after retiring from work that thank god you the (government) didn’t get a chance to ruin my life as you did to hundreds of thousands of others is completing uncomprehensible.I received my voting rights back and am asking that this blemish on my record to disappear. Ater all half of the Congress and quite a few of the Commander and Chiefs are probably in over my one mistake, Sincerely, Stan H.

User story by Stanley James H. in Arizona

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