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I am currently a 40 year old African American female. Single and no children. I have a degree in Criminal Justice and psychology. I came to Florida in the early 80’s. I first got in trouble by hanging with the wrong people. I was later incarcerated where I received a sentence of 22 months Department of Corrections, along with 10 years of probation. I did 16 months of the 22 and I did the 10 years probation to the door of which the first year was community control. 2001-2010 i was on probation i finished without getting into any trouble. During that time I maintained employment and did very well. I felt I was finally accomplishing something I had my own place my own car. I was in an accident in 2012 where my injuries were so severe I was out of work for roughly 6mths. Income was cut by 35% and i received 65% short term disability.  I fell behind on rent and was asked by someone I assumed was a friend if they could buy my pain meds. I made yet another dumb decision later I was arrested for selling the pills received 12mths community control, 100 hours community service with $1000 fine.  All was completed ontime. In the meantime I lost my job 11/18/2012. Because of my job qualifications I have been offered several great paying jobs and went on over 121 interviews. For all I have been told after the background comes back that they will have to review other peoples qualifications. I was hired at one company they even sent me the equipment and was called at 3am to be advised they would have to rescind the offer. Florida really needs to change the laws for expunging someones record. Pardons are hard to get. If I were rich I would not have an issue because none of this would of happened. I am not asking for pity, however; I am asking for a second chance. I am asking for the opportunity to be hired for the work I am capable of doing. I did my time and according to the law I paid my debt to society. However everytime I am denied a job based on my background I am still being punished by society. 

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