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when I was 17 I was hired at kmart i had worked there for around one year.. one day i was approached by the loss prevention office saying I needed to come into the office. I was accused of stealing somewhere in the 100+ dollar range I told them I did not and many people use my register at electronics. Earlier a manager did register sweep meaning they pull money for a drop they never told us what they took after hours in a room with loss prevention they said they had video proof of me pocketing money even though I KNEW THEY DIDNT. They called police and had me arrested. I was shocked that I could be taken into custody. I was booked into the county jail on employee theft. I never spoke to an attorney they told me I had waived my rights to do so. i was single dad with a child at home not very familiar with the justice system. i went before a judge and pled guilty or nolo contendre so I could be released quickly to get home to my child. little did I know that would be the biggest mistake of my life. I should have fought for my innocence. the judge adjudicated me guilty. I have struggled to find work since that day. No one wants to hire me. I am having a hard time supporting my family. I just got a job but they know my record and i feel i am being unfairly targeted everytime i put hands in the register. Because of the way I pled I can never have my record sealed or expunged. I am a good honest guy hardworking if given the chance.I WISH I could change the laws.

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