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Hello all,
A Judge in DC Superior Court ordered my criminal record expunged in 2008.  The record was not closed, and therefore its in the publics view.  Also all private background investigative companies have my open record in their databases.  I will graduate in November 2012, with my MBA.  But all the jobs I have applied for, do not respond, I really thought about what could be the reason, then I remembered the 2008 expungement.  I feel as though I’m being punished continually for the mistake I made in 2008. I thought the expungement meant a fresh start with my life, but I found out it really does not.  Laws shoud be followed, even the employees of the court should not be excluded.  If everyone did their job, this type of problem would not exist.  The D.C. Code on expungement, in other words does not have to be enforced.  This is definitly unfair to individuals trying to better them selves.

User story by Justina in Washington, D.C.

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