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Hi, my name is Ronnie and I had just moved to Florida for my senior year in high school. I was 17 at the time. A new student, a sketchy quiet guy joined my band class in the last semester of school, he went by the name “Jay”. For weeks he didn’t talk to anyone really until he saw an opportunity when the teacher was gone and we had a free day and he started conversing with several of my younger classmates wanting to know where he could find drugs. And no one gave him any satisfactory answers, until a scrawny freshman came up to me and told me Jay wanted to ask me something (he knew I was a casual cannabis user). Right away Jay asked me if I could find him pot or prescription pain pills and I was taken aback because he was so blunt about it, but I gave him my number and didn’t talk to him anymore in person. And from that point on he continually texted me day and night about me getting me to sell him drugs, but we talked about other things too, you could actually say we were becoming friends, we talked about school, girls, life, and even exchanged personal stories (though I now know it was all lies). I eventually had him meet me at the neighborhood pool and I sold him a gram or so of pot, it seemed innocent enough because I trusted him now. but then over the course of the next week or so he bought from me 2 more times, and one Friday he told me he was having a party and actually tried to convince me and my best friend to lie to my mother so we could sneak out for the night and go to a party that didn’t exist. He also wanted to meet my dealer because he needed a little bit more than what I could give him out of my personal stash so i made arrangements for him to meet her. Later that afternoon i was with her and my best friend waiting for him to arrive, eventually he did and while they were making the transaction unmarked cars parked all around my neighborhood, one i recognised was sitting right outside my house, pulled up and surrounded us and me and my friends were put on the ground and hassled by the SWAT team. I was ambushed in my own neighborhood. The cars they used looked similar to the cars that were usually parked around my neighborhood, they had planned this out for who knows how long.. Jay played the part to the very end, he was even in the back of the squad car with me complaining the whole time like it was my fault he was in this mess. The police even told me they had been watching me do deals at school (which is a lie, and that is when i knew something was wrong..) i spent the majority of the afternoon up until 2 in the morning in a jail cell, with no phone call and nothing to eat and eventually i was transported to a rehab center downtown Jacksonville and even then i wasn’t allowed to have a phone call, my parents didn’t even know what had happened to me until i explained to them in person when they were picking me up from juvenile detention days later. In the trial i was forced to plead guilty to 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors on the terms that i was to go to rehab and be on probation (indefinitely) along with community service. Jay never existed. That was a fake name given to probably a convicted felon trying to lessen his charges by bringing someone else down. I am not a drug dealer and i never have been. I was manipulated and framed by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department and now my life is hell. I can never get a job because of what has happened to me, and i’m forced to live with my parents even though i’m an adult now because my probation still isn’t over. Please tell me if you approve of a probably dangerous felon being used in a public school to manipulate your children into selling drugs and making their lives a living hell. I want justice for what has happened to me; all that is neccessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing! Thank you for bearing with me and reading my story.

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