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My former wife was off her meds and went nuts on me one night screaming and throwing silverwear at me.  Neighbor called the cops and when they arrived they saw me holding her down through the window.  They arrested me even though she did not want to press charges.  They wanted to charge me with sexual assault and family violence even tho there was nothing sexual and she was my wife.  Instead of paying money I did not have for a lawyer or risk jail, I took deferred ajudication because they said it would not end up as a conviction and I could get it expunged.   That was total total BS.  I could not get it expunged and it may not be a conviction, but it might as well be.  I have been denied many jobs becuase of this and she used it against me in the divorce.  I am 43 and this is the only arrest in my life.  i don’t even have a speeding ticket.  I hate the cops and the courts for this.

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