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I went to the Fitzgerald Crisis Center to seek help after doing crack cocaine. I ended up being mistreated and 302’ed by the doctors there. I was told on a Saturday that I could not be released until the Doctor had seen me on the next Monday. On Sunday, my mom came to visit. The nurse Donna told me that I was nuts and may never get out of the center. I slammed my fist on the sign in book. It slid across the desk and grazed the nurse, she grabbed her throat and stated I hurt her. The next day without seeing the Doctor I was released then arrested by Darby Boro. Police. and charged with two counts of Simple Assault, two counts of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, harassment. And I also have a 302 on my record. It cost my parents $7,000 to have a lawyer plea bargain and get me 6 months probation and charged dropped to disorderly conduct and harassment, but everything is still on my record. I can’t get a good job, and I am told I can’t be hired because I am a liability, yet rapists, thief, drug addicts all get a second chance. Do not get a 302 in PA, you will lose all your rights.

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