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my name is mitchell i never really told my story mostly because im ashamed in myself just like a lot of fellow felons. I was 17 when i got kicked out of my dads house for being rude and disrespectful now grown i completely understand i moved in with a friend across town when it was dead of winter and the house didnt have any electricity or heat cause we was to broke to pay for it for a month or so we lived like this eating cheap meals and what not until we got tired of it and he got the bright idea to make some money so he talked me and another friend into the plot we went down to a local pizza place and checked it out i told them i was up to it cause well i wanted to impress my friends so my friend gave my other friend a weapon and i went with them to be the watch out so when he ran in i was behind him shaking almost puked a few times from being scared to death so he got the money and ran out and we ran into the trailor park behind it and got into the car were a couple friends was waiting so we got away but apparently one of the workers followed us long enough to get the liscense plate number and a couple weeks later my friend i did the robbery with was arrested and question were upon he told on me which brought upon my arrest i got sentenced to 9 yrs in prison in indiana u get two for one so i had to do 4 and a half years but i went down and did my time got my GED and got certificates and got out in 3 years  after getting out i stayed with my dad for a while until i got on my feet i got a job working for a paint manufacturing plant started off as a production worker after a year of being there for a year and a half i was promoted to production supervisor i have now been out of prison for a little over 3 yrs a bad choice when i was a teenager has tainted my reputation and my life i can no longer do the things i wanted to do my dream of joining the military is no more its hard to find places to live unless you buy your own home is almost impossible  no one wants to hire a felon which i understand all the debate about felons they say 75% of people that get out will go back that a true statistic because no one wants to give anyone an oppurtunity well thats my story probably boring but it was my life hope some one learns from my mistake take care and godbless

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