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I helped steal two saddles in approximately 1970.
I was charged with grand larceny and my appointed attorney advised me to plead guilty. I received 1 year probation and payed all the restitution.
Now that about 43 years have passed I realize that my attorney could have made a plea deal and reduced it to a misdemeanor on the grounds of being an accessory to the crime.
The other person got prison time because they had a criminal record.
I had no prior criminal record, and none since.
I believe that in cases such as this there should be an automatic pardon after 20 years with a clean record.
This was not a violent crime and I payed the debt in full.
I am now 66 years old and the crime was when I was in my early twenties, when peer pressure and a little booze can influence an
otherwise logic mind.
I do not have a criminal mind in the least.  There are probably many like me who are the victims of circumstances who made a mistake which scars them for life.
I would not like to carry the crime to my grave.

User story by C J O in Utah

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