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On February 11th, 2013, the Kentucky House passed a bill that would allow for the expungement of Class D felonies after a waiting period has lapsed. Currently, people living in Kentucky with a past felony offense are not allowed to expunge any felony. The new bill, House Bill 47, would allow many people with Class D felonies to qualify for expungement. However, there are several limitations under the Bill. For instance, there is a five year waiting period after the completion of either the person’s sentence or successful completion of the person’s probation, whichever occurs later. Also, people accused of a sex offense, offenses against the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or with previous felony convictions do not qualify. During the five year waiting period, people with hopes of an expungement must not be convicted of any other misdemeanor or violation offense, other than traffic infractions, in order to still qualify.

In the House, the Bill was passed 78-19 and was introduced by Democrat Darryl Owens and sponsored by fellow Democrats Johnny Bell, Jesse Crenshaw, and Derrick Graham, as well as Republicans David Floyd, Jeff Hoover, and many others.

Now that the Kentucky House has approved the Bill, it will be voted on by the Senate.

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