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The redesign of this web site was the first step toward building a comprehensive resource for those who are concerned about this important area of law and those with a criminal record who are looking to fully reintegrate into society.

Some of the things that will be coming soon areā€¦

  1. An improved Forum that will be moderated by top attorneys from around the country and a broader range of topics.
  2. Information about proposed changes to law and information about how to affect positive changes in the law.
  3. An expanded online eligibility test that will tell you what remedies are available in all states.
  4. Recommended attorneys in all states.
  5. Loads more free information on topics such as clearing your record from private databases, statistics on pardons granted, sources of free or low-cost representation, and much more.
  6. A career section that will provide free information on how to find employment or prepare for a professional career.
  7. More free forms for those who cannot afford an attorney.

If there is anything you are particularly interested in seeing, please let us know.

Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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  1. snickles73 says:

    I am very interested to read about what types of professional licenses I can get in other states. My record is in Washington and I feel very limited here. Thanx.

  2. Christian Louboutin says:

    Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things!!

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