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One of the most common questions I receive from people with a criminal record in California is when will my criminal record be automatically cleared.  The short answer is generally never.   But this question is a bit more complex than […]

While this site specializes in providing information about clearing criminal records, it does attract a good number of visitors who are interested in clearing things from their credit report.  This site is not prepared to offer advice on that subject. […]

Illegal aliens have been voting in California and they are not supposed to be in the country. Dead people have been voting in Chicago and they are not supposed be on Earth. Then why should 38 states place restrictions on […]

The redesign of this web site was the first step toward building a comprehensive resource for those who are concerned about this important area of law and those with a criminal record who are looking to fully reintegrate into society. […]

Obtaining the job you want with a criminal record can be frustrating. With more than 80% of employers performing background checks to meet increasing insurance requirements, a person with a criminal record is at a disadvantage. Having a record expunged […]

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