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While this site specializes in providing information about clearing criminal records, it does attract a good number of visitors who are interested in clearing things from their credit report.  This site is not prepared to offer advice on that subject.

However, I will offer this general advice about how to seek help.  If you are going to pay someone to assist you, make sure it is an attorney.  Working with an attorney means you are dealing with someone who can be held accountable by their licensing agency (the state bar association) should they defraud you or fail in the professional duties.  The world of credit repair, much like criminal record clearing, attracts a lot of fly-by-night operations that are more interested in collecting money than doing the work.

It is also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau.  If the company markets online and they are committed to customer satisfaction, they will have a Better Business Rating that you can see.

The leader in credit repair is Lexington Law ( They are a Utah based national law firm that has been around since 1991.  Their BBB rating hovers around an “A”.   Their prices are very affordable.

I visited Lexington Law’s offices and was impressed with their high level of professionalism and the passion their employee’s brought to their work. does give a free consultation, so there is no risk in consider them as you shop for the solution that is right for you.

Written by Mathew Higbee, Esq

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  1. Jason E. says:

    Thanks, I have been struggling to repair my credit damaged from a my first marriage… Thanks for sharing your advice and the link.

  2. kenya morgan says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I had a record expunged back in 1990 and I completed a background check for employment and the record is no longer coming back sealed it shows my conviction what can I do, I paid for these services twenty years ago. Who can I contact for questions and concerns?

  3. sam says:

    I pleaded guilty to aggrevated theft two years ago on a plea bargain and is affecting my background requirements for a job. My background is 5 and I need a 4 to keep my job. Any advice?

  4. Patricia says:

    Our govenor Nathan deal just signed a bill for low income people who have minor felonies who a struggle with housing and not being able to get work can have there felony sealed or expungef they’re required to pay 207.00 for this do they need a lawyer?

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hi Patricia, you never need to hire an attorney; however, it is advisable in many situations to ensure the process is handled correctly the first time to avoid delays. If you are interested in proceeding on your own though, I recommend reviewing this website or contacting that organization, which helps individuals in Georgia with the expungement process.

      • Thiru says:

        I have not heard of that for many years. Now days the law makes you pay for everything unsles you can find an attorney that has allot of sympathy for you and good luck there. Today it is hard to even go bankrupt. Hope this helped.References : helping friends with attorney in bankrupcy. Was this answer helpful?

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