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On May 2, 2012, the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, signed House Bill 1176, which altered the law governing criminal record expungement in Georgia. This revision allows records to be expunged or hidden from employers or licensing background checks. The law became effective on July 1, 2013.

In addition, the revision will remove some of the restrictions for expunging criminal records. Once two years have passed, if there is no disposition for a misdemeanor, it will be expunged. After four years a felony with no disposition will be expunged, and after seven years violent felonies or violent sexual felonies with no disposition will be expunged. The expunged criminal records will only be visible to police officers, prosecutors, or criminal justice system background checks. In addition, the burden to seek expungement will no longer be placed on the arrested individual. Instead, records will automatically be restricted by the arresting agency.

Under this new revision, fewer people will be required to file applications for expungement. This will save time in the law enforcement arena because of the decrease in number of applications to process. This revision will ensure that criminal history records are complete, consistent, and accurate.

The sponsors of this Bill included Representatives Golick of the 34th District, Neal of the 1st District, Willard of the 49th District, Lindsey of the 54th District, Oliver of the 83rd District, and others. In the House, Hamrick of the 30th District sponsored the Bill.

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  1. 2ndChance says:

    My record has a felon charge that never when to court, will that be erased. AND what about nolle .And the one I did agree to. Its not what I was told in court. Its still possession but one is alternative and the other meth.Confused on why it changed. And my sentencing was not correct. I agreed to detention c. for 90 days and out patient rebh. And first offender..Seven years probation .That should have been reduced. But I didn’t get the first offenders and my record says 7 years. Should I just try to correct it or pardon ?any advise

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hello, I recommend reviewing this website or contacting that organization, which helps individuals in Georgia with the expungement process. I would also recommend contacting them or a licensed Georgia attorney to discuss your options with attempting to correct your record if there was an error. Here is a link to a Georgia criminal defense attorney:

      • Kira says:

        why not just publish the ralely bad crimes like; rape, murder, child abuse why NOT wait until the person is CONVICTED before publishing? In this society you are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. You run the story people automatically think they are guilty. Just wrong. Look at the story you just published. If the public already saw the story and so did employers . she lost out and it doesnt matter that you redact the story now . Wait to the conviction . then I have no problem publishing the photo or story.

    • Gervais says:

      March 18, 2012 at 22:15 Unfortunately a DUI never comes off your record in Mississippi. This is why it is imrtaopnt to consult with an experienced DUI attorney before deciding what to do in your case.

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