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  I entered into a relationship with a very unstable stalker type.  When I decided to end the relationship, she used the domestic violence laws to throw me in jail.  I was released after 4 months by pleading no contest to a lesser charge, a third degree felony, and two years probation.  Three months after my release I wrote the “victim” an e-mail which literally had three words total.  The e-mail violated my probation which resulted in my conviction of the third degree felony.  So basically what upsets me is the fact that a three word e-mail can carry the same weight as actually doing bodily harm.  I was 20 at the time and this one conviction is keeping me from having a decent job just about anywhere.  I’m 25 now and just want to move on with life.  I haven’t in any way shape or form contacted the “victim” and desperatley would like to know of a way to get it off my record for good.

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  1. Logan1101 says:

    Florida Laws need to change!!!

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