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Like too many young men I made a terrible decision and choice with the wrong people. My decision and choice burglary, non residence landed me in Jail with a felony charge, resulting in 5 yrs. probation.It should have been simple criminal mischief and vandalism but the person I was with had priors and the D.A. wanted a 3rd felony conviction on him, poor soul. Anyway I got the same charge he did. Anyway after adhering to the guidlines of my probated sentence I was discharged from probation after only a little under 2 yrs. for good compliance. However the felony charge has clouded my life for some 33 yrs. now. I do have the privelage to vote,  but I would appreciate a full reinstatement of all of my rights for the remainder of my life a clean background check would be nice without people judging me for something that happened so long ago. I truly regret and am sorry for what i did and would change it if i could, it taught me allot, but I paid for it, and I’m still paying for it.     thank you for reading this. I hope it can help some one make a difference.

User story by jeffery j. stogner in texas

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  1. tbear2739 says:

    It is terrible when this happens
    we do something when we are young and do not realize how this will impact our lives years later.
    Some people really do change and we should not have to pay the rest of our lives for something we did so long ago.

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