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I used to be a military serviceman who was proud to serve his country until my life was changed forever after having a couple of beers and then driving.  Was pulled over for going over the speed limit and although […]

Back in 2005-2006 late 05 early 06 I was accused of hitting my wife. I had not hit her we where going though a nasty divorce and I was seeking custody of a kid I believed to be mine at […]

Hello , My story begins about the age of 13. I never had those parents that try to teach you right from wrong. My mother and stepfather didn’t care what us kids did, they were drug addicts as far back […]

As an immature 18 year old, I was caught shoplifting some undergarments in Boynton Beach, FL in 1975 (under $20). I am now 55 years old and have never been in trouble again. I teach nursing in a University and […]

hey well here is my story . my husband was arrested in july 2011 .. he violated his dui probation about 5 years ago … never getting into trouble changed his life … he finally met someone that was good […]

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