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I’ve Always gotten in trouble as a young adult. Growing up on the street of Passaic,┬ámother drank, no father,no money, welfare. I lived on the wrong side of the tracks to sorta speak. I got caught up in the drug […]

Well my company when bankrupt when i was just barely 18. I was know to have depression and stress and also back pain. The bankrupt company really messed up a lot of stuff for me. I had a child and […]

In October of 1996, I was convicted of assault and battery for defending myself against my alcoholic father. Also, in May of 2003, I was convicted of assault and battery for defending my children against an abusive caregiver. Since the […]

i was 22 years old when i got drunk and was using xannax with my friends in rockport texas, when they suggested we break into the neighbors house to look for more xannax. i dont know if you know what […]

I was involved in a DV situatiin in my marriage, where I was the Victim; My spouse attacked me as he usually did and then called the police and stated I attacked him with a knife; He then changed his […]

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