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My story is a story of abuse by a man and the law.  Back in 1996 I was in an extremely abusive relationship (hospital, police records, etc. to back me) I was being “forced” to use American Express black credit […]

When I was in my 20′s, I moved between NY and FL a few times. When I was 27, in 1993, I tried to register my car in FL within 10 days but at that time an “Impact Fee” was […]

I was 18 and received an MIP.  However, when I was 22 I was pulled over for speeding and received  OWI.  I also had marijuana in my vehicle (.4 grams).  I now have 3 misdemeanors on my record and I […]

I was arrested along with my husband and 1 other person (3 busts law for snitches) in Febuary 1999. Up to that time I had been waiting for my gums to heal, my husband had been abusive and had broken […]

My father went to the task force and helped them to arrest me.They had him convinced they would help get me treatment.I recived a sentence of 21 years for possion of 35 grams which were given to me by one […]

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