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At the tender age of 18 i was getting my first apartment for me and my baby grul at the time that was 0ne years old .so i stop by a rentercenter and looked around so i decided that i […]

hi, my name is eddie c. and i lived at san antonio txas, i still have prodation & its been 3 years and i olny want my criminal record be clear, removed… and i ask the judged i can removed […]

In 1999 I was going through a custody battle with my children’s dad’s aunt. Money wise I was a single mom working and certainly didn’t have the means for a lawyer.  Unfortunately the other side did. During the court battle […]

Allow me to greet You my Friends , I cornell Keller am a Security Professional Person, I hold a homeland security degree and others, nevertheless I was working at a club and I did not have a car so I […]

I have never committed any crime! I was placed in foster care at as a child where I was required by the state to see counsolers and was diagnosed with mental conditions. I have stopped seeing counselers and taking anti-psychotics […]

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