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Hi, My name is Steve and I resided in Northern California with my ex wife and two children when I was convicted of domestic abuse back in 1997.  I had no idea about the unconstitutional ramifications of my actions at ... Continue reading

I was 18 teen first offense no ard felony burglar a junk yard .still in my record .

governments all over the world have a way of twisting the law to falsely represent an insufficient case as probable cause. I was convicted on charges that weren’t backed up by any evidence, because the technical construction of the statute ... Continue reading

my story is, ten years ago i was arested on tricfficing of marrijunna.there was no weapons no reseting of the arrest, the infration carried a 15month sentence with a 2yr.prob.all have been served. now my problem is i have no ... Continue reading

       This is a story that illustrates the need to change Texas law to allow a post-conviction procedure similar to a civil equitable bill of review so that convictions for misdemeanor convictions, fines, and surcharges under the Transportation Code can ... Continue reading

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