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I was convicted of Burglary in December 2000.  I served 1 year, 1 month in prison and then served about 14 months on parole.  I never got into trouble at all on parole.  Since then ive been falsely accused of […]

This happened 14 years ago none knows exactly what happened to my son. Me and my wife dropped off my son ay my families house to be babysat while we both went to work that morni ng. Between 6-10 AM […]

Let first say I’m glad this blog was created, we need more advocation for people who made mistakes in their past. We all are born as human beings. Human beings make mistakes all the time. Some learned from those mistakes […]

for around 3 years my live in boyfriend abused me in every way.  I never had the money to leave.  Finally one evening he scratched my arm, ripping my keys out of my hand and breaking the chain. I called […]

Its been 28 years since i got charged with my crime and i am still paying for it. I was with someone who stole a wallet and we decided to use one the credit cards in it. we went to […]

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