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I was born in the Bronx NY! When I was 10 I moved to Naples Fl. A town with cops with no real crime and too much time on there hands! I had 2 older brothers who would get in […]

I made mistakes as a young adult. With a single parent always at work and no money to eat, for school, clothes or to pay the bills. I was blinded and I didn’t sell my body, nor show it. I […]

back in 1993 i was convicted of a felony. Theft 1*, i have since been convicted of driving offenses, mostly DWLS.. i also spent thousands of dollars and 2 colletive years of my life in jail. started my life over dozens […]

I was convicted in 1989 for the murder of my abusive husband. I did not commit the murder but was convicted by plea agreement as an accomplice to the crime, actual conviction: 2nd Degree Murder. Only felony conviction EVER, never […]

I was born with the disease of addiction co occurring with many other inherited mental disorders. I spent most of my childhood suffering from chronic depression with severe suicidal tenancies. I was able to stop attempting suicide through self mutilation when I was […]

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