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I came home one night to find my wife with another man. Soon after, we were divorced and I was ordered to pay child support. I was broken hearted, which isn’t a good, valid reason, but I was. I paid […]

 I use to be on drugs living in the Florida streets. I was homeless and had no where to go,  this is when I turned to drugs and other things as well. I was caught several times with a crack […]

in 2003, i was going to a church here in FL where i met a family and they hooked me up with their daughter. She was 15 and i was 19 we dated with THE PARENTS permission for almost a […]

In 1987, I iwas arrested for possession of drugs. It was my first offense and I received 5 years probation i broke that got 6 months got out of jail and moved have not used since  that has been over […]

I was charged with Burglary of Habitation in 2005 and I pled guilty in 2006. I was given 5 years probation and a 1000.00 fine. I paid my fine and was released from probation within 2 1/2 yrs.I was 17 […]

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