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In August 2004 at the start of the senior year at the University, I made a mistake that changed my life I received a speeding citation for reckless driving/eluding police, during my return to campus. I was a full scholarship athlete at  […]

I am a college graduate and made a terrible mistake Feb. 2003 served 2 1/2 years probation defferred adjudication for a felony theft charge.   I just want to expunge that offense but cant since I recieved a felony for dwi […]

I was only 17 when I was arrested with my boyfriend for possesion of cocaine, exctasy, and marijuana.  I spent the next 2 years in county jail, SAFPF, and a halfway house.  I don’t disagree with the charges or the […]

I went to my ex’s house because I suspected our son was being molested and I wanted to check up on him. Her son answered the locked door and asked his mom if it was okay to let me in […]

There are no second chances your screwed. Try to save up some money and invest in starting your own business. It’ll be hard but that’s life.

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