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I signed my boyfriend’s name for his credit card purchase 32 years ago in Florida, not knowing of his poor credit record or that I could not sign for someone even with their permission.  I was 21 and was convicted […]

 I was convicted of child abuse in ’96 because i gave my daughter, who was about a year old at the time a bruise around her eyes because i was frustrated with her because i couldn’t handle the high pitched […]

In November of 2008 my nightmare began.  I was caught shoplifting a minor item.  I admit I had done it before on occasion for the thrill of it.  I don’t drink or do drugs and had always been an upstanding […]

i was living with my wife in coral springs Florida when we got into a fight me, her and her brother, she went to the police station to have them escort me out of the house they told her they […]

I was 14 in the 7th grade when I took pills that i was told was Equel to heroin I was young and stupid I honestly did not know what they were I was just told from friends i could […]

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