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This charge is appearing when employers do a background check and it did not appear before I became delinquent on a Surcharge payment(Drivers License Surcharge)…My field of employment is Medical … Im not finding employment at all.I was told when […]

In 1993 my now ex husband, who was from another country when to obtain a drivers licence at the local Texas DPS ofc.  He presented my auto insurance card for the car that he would be driving to take his […]

I was convicted of burglary of an unoccupied building and 2 degree Grand Larceny. I now reflect on that event and am very greived that I plead guilty to charges that were not accurate. If I had known then that […]

i was arrested and incarcerated in California for 2 years at chino state prison, C.I.M. and was released in 1 year due to good behavior. i was paroled to Arizona, and i completed my parole in 13 months, ending in […]

I was accused of and convicted of serious sex offenses to a minor which did not occur! My so called victim refused to testify as did her mother, yet they were all extremely persecuted and threatened by the prosecution of […]

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