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In 1998 my husband at the time was dealing marijuana.  We were both arrested because we both owned our home.  The charges were manufacturing, delivering, possession w/ intent to deliver.  I was charged with all of these offenses but my ... Continue reading

Hello My Name Is Christopher Welsh. I Am A 23 Year Old Male. I Have Been In And Out Of Prison The Past Four Years. My First Time Going To Jail Consisted Of Me Evading The Police Officers For Trying ... Continue reading

I had received my income tax refund and my school refund checks. My ex-boyfriend was having serious financial difficulties so I took a sum of money and enhanced his woredrobe. The next day he asked to borrow a 1,000 dollars, ... Continue reading

I feel that i was not treated fairly. I think the judge believed the other people before me and did not do a mouth swab.  i feel like i was treated wrong. my record according to FDLE was supposed to come ... Continue reading

I was on government assistance, struggling to make ends meet.  So I set out to get a second job, and I did! This job lasted through out the school year.  Well my 1st job was with the school district, so I ... Continue reading

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