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i committed a burglary when i was nineteen years old. im twenty nine now and trying to further my career in retail as a manager but this involves a background check. ive been turned down continously because of my background. […]

In 2002 I was arrested for possesion of marijuana. Before my court date i was arrested again for forgery and theft for cashing my ex girlfriends checks. We used the same account, but my name was not on the account. […]

I got into a argument between my brother who just got certified as a police officer the day before  and he was ass kissing the arresting Officer and  i was detained in the Sheriff’s Office i worked at. which led […]

in 1994 me and my were haveing an argument about what i cannot remember .Her daughter called our house during the argument and talked to my wife the call was about some thing else but she took it upon herself […]

I was driving a car without registration and the police stopped me. The police stated I had 2 estacy in the back of my car in which I was unaware of.Ā I knew of my friends takingĀ certain types of drugs but […]

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