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10 years ago I had gotten in trouble and (Petty theft 1st offense). Never had I been introuble before (and since either). Any how, I get infront of the judge and get scared and he asked me how I plead […]

Fraud/ tested positive for drug’s why’ll on probation. Sentanced to 90 days in Prison.  this all took place in 1996 i think there are no other convictions

I was pulled over by a state trooper driving home from work at night for suspicion of drunk driving. I had not been drinking but did have a prior DUI on my record that I assume came up on troopers […]

i was talking to my niece cause she was been bad n nasty she called police n said that i hit her with a plastic baby bottle

Ten years ago, I was 18 years old. Today I’m 28 years old. I would like to Purcahse a firearm and perhaps take up a trade in hunting, I was covicted of Domesetic Violence. Still today i cant purchase a […]

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