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I am currently a single mom of 2! I have contacted our governor and many other state officials dozens of times. Everthing on my record is a misd. and well over 10 years old. Most all the dumb choices I made were before age 21 and have a story behind them, but nobody cares. They don’t see you or your skills or accomplishments and changes or even the dates, all they see is a record! I have never even been charged with a felony, and yet all they see is record! I can’t further my education in certain fields or at some community colleges, I can’t get a decent job, and no matter the person I have become, my life and possibilities will always be limited by over decade old (in part almost 2 decades) minor bad choices! I have not even had a traffic violation in well over 10 years! I have for several years now been a part of an organization that is non-profit and raisesfunds for charity! I have received numerous awards even on the National level for my dedication, accomplishments, and fundraisers I have orchestrated all as a volunteer!Ā  I am currently the Chaplain locally in this organization, and that is an elected positionĀ  I am proud to serve!Also, I have served 4 years as a parent rep for the head start program in my county, voicing the needs and concerns of low income families as a volunteer. All the while living in poverty myself because of something I am ashamed to share with those who know me now, from what seems like a life time ago! Living poor means even if an expungement was possible, I will never afford it!

User story by ronda in North Carolina

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  1. Thomas says:

    It is such a shame how UNFORGIVING our society is when it comes to youthful mistakes! From what I’ve read, North Carolina will not allow any conviction to be “set-aside.” People deserve second chances!!!

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