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There was this young girl that had a job working in the local drug store. She met another young girl that had been out in the world a while and new a few things. She persuaded The girl to let her use her register number to ring up things that she did not pay for and quite the next day. A free weeks went by and the Girl was called in the office by her supervisor and lost prevention were she was confronted about the items that was missing. She told them the truth about what happen and she said she was scared to come to anyone becuase she did not want to loose her job. Well she lost her job and was arrested. She spent one day in jail and when she went to court she and her family The state appointed Attorney did not tell them that if she was found guilty her recodered could not be seal and did not seem to care in trying to help her out of this  She she was convicted of petty theft under 1000 dollars. She can not get this expunged or seal from her recodered. She is now 26 years old and becuase of this  she has not been able to find any type of job  and this is so sad. She say all the time if I could take it all back . The lesson she have learned from this is Everybody is not your friend and they will use you in any way that they can,

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