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Hi, Im maria

I have been trying to find a job for the past 5 yrs and the only thing I can find is TELEMARKETING JOBS because of my record.
 I made a mistake years ago by trusting a man, Yes im upset!
He said he loved me and proposed to me with a beautiful 1kt white gold diamond ring. Breathtaking. I loved it as you can Imagine.
to make long story short months later I came home to find out he was I My bed with another woman!!!! Well I wont tell you what i did to her but I kicked his dirty behind out! Some months past and I decided I wanted to sell the ring I buy me something else. So I went a pawn shop and sold the ring! I got me a bracelet. I think I deserve it for all the BS he put me thru. Months pass and Two detectives came to my house at 7am and arrested me for DEALING with stolen property, GRAND theft 3rd degree felony and FALSE info to a pawn broker. He stoled the ring from the woman he brought to my house gave me the ring. and she reconized it when I was punching her face in. My life has been hell ever since. I didnt have money for a lawyer I didnt want to be on probation for 3 yrs for something i didnt do. They didnt show up for court and i still had to pay court fees. I give up! Now im looking to try to clean my record and I dont know if i can. CAN SOMEONE RESCUE ME PLEASE!!!!! 

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