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hi, my name is eddie .. in 2001 on my 19th birthday i had the cop show up at my house n take me to jail..saying i was at my wifes house in a disbute… (didnt see her at all that day)..a couple weeks later she asked me to dropp my son off .and when i got there i had to wait for her for 2 hours ..i had no cell phone.. when she finally arrived her first words oh by the way i called the cops.. i asked why.. she looked and said its your lastday for your no contact .sense i was released on or.(first time lock up) i got arrested this time i was gunna take it to trial.i asked my mother not to bring my son (was not even a year old) to see me in jail.she was july2.july 3rd i had son was there i couldnt take it anymore. i had to go home to him.i ask the public can i go home …he said not to pleaded guilty but instead plead no contest.what the hell was the difference i still get judged wrongfully.i havent been in trouble im not a violent person.and lost my rights to bear arms.why is this r

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