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i got drunk one night and got into an argument with my girlfriend. we started yelling and pushing each other around i am not sure what happened after that because i was blacked out on the verge of alcohol poisoning. well i called my girlfriend on my way home and let her know i was coming and we were going to get some things figured out. her sister called after i got home and my girlfriend didnt asnwer the phone. so her sister came to the house peeking through the windows and called the cops and said i had a gun, and that i was going to shoot everyone wich i probably did say but how many people have you heard say that when thay are wasted. anyways the cops get there in full riot gear surround the house and order my girlfriend outside,. mean while im on the phone with the cops saying its a misunderstanding that there is no gun involved so they tell me to stay inside for the next few minutes. i kiss my girlfriend and tell her i love her and she walks out the door….. the cop on the phone then tells me they have a hostage situation now because ” i am armed holding my kids ” as they put it… i did own a gun at the time but now i am unable to own one because crooked cops and attourneys .walla walla county in really bad about the justice system being faulty.. i was charged with 1st degree assault 3 counts of unlawfull inprisonment and felony harrassment to kill…. i never spoke to a detective no one would hear my side of the story or what my girlfriend had to say for that matter.. they charged and convicted me with threats of a life sentence if i didnt take the plea.. all because a 17 year old girl called and said it happened… i dont feel it was fair in any way for me or my girlfriend.. now she wants to own guns and cant because of this charge and conviction that didnt happen//  thank you i hope my story makes at least one person stop and think for a minute that just because someone has a violent crime on their record does not mean they are bad people or that they are going to rob or shoot someone just because they want to own firearms many poeple that have felonys would love to hunt but cant because some crooked cops and judges work together to get more convictions so they can get paid…….


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