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I’m not an angle, but I’m more of that than a criminal. I have done some wrong in my past but I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I was actually considered a “good girl” for the past 19 years. It was 3 days before I turned 20 that all of this happened. I made the classic peer pressure mistake and stole some dresses for “a friend” (which they were not very good friends) from a target store. I got caught and now I’m sitting here with my fate in the air because of ONE stupid mistake I made :( I’m not a bad person and my passion is helping people. I want to become a nurse in the military but with a record it’s not likely they will let me in. This sucks because I really believe this is the path that my life is suppose to go but I’m being halted by this. I learned my lesson the second the store security caught me at the door. And no I’m not sorry for getting caught. I’m sorry for doing it, For not having the right sense to say “Are you crazy? I’m not putting that in my bag, get otta here!” From a young age I’ve always told myself to live with no regrets. To never look back in life and regret anything. I feel like I failed the little girl inside with big dreams because this is something I can’t help but regret. My life is going down the wrong path now and I can’t seem to turn it around. I can’t get a better job because the minute they see this it’s over, no matter how charming I was in my interview. I just wish I could rewind these last few months and never make this mistake. But since I can’t I have to live with it. With this permanent reminder that I can’t live my dreams. That I am now a lower class citizen. I’ve forgiven myself for this and I have prayed for God’s forgiveness. Now I’m just asking for societies forgiveness. 

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  1. Tim says:

    I ran into a little issue with animal control and received a class c citation and paid it. Can the Class C citation be expunged? There was no harm to any animal in fact quite the opposite.
    I tried to take a lost cat to the animal shelter to see if they could help me find her owners. The cat may have scratched up my arm when it jumped off of me on the way in the door. Anyway, I filled out some forms while talking to a officer Nelson who apparently wasn’t paying attention to me when I kept on telling her that I wasn’t releasing the animal, it is probably one of my neighbors it has no front claws could you please check it for a chip and if it dosen’t have one i’ll take it back home and keep on looking for her owners.
    I filled out some forms officer Nelson supplied me with and they weren’t very clear and I said I had been feeding the cat for 4 to 5 days which is about as accurate as I can get. Animal control officer Nelson said “we’re not relesing the animal becasue it scratched you and will be in rabies quarintine for 10 days.” I told Officer Nelson that I want the animal back she declined and I exited the building with the cats cage number and release date.
    I went home my wife yelled and screamed at me like I committed some kinda felony or something calling me all kinds of names it was pretty bad (still considering divorce) Read on it gets better.. My wife morphed into warrior mode and jumped back into the Ford and with grim determintaitn not seen since Stalingrad my wife went there spoke to the supervisor Florrie Lott who told my beloved to have me come in and say the cat was ours which my wife attested to in an sworn affidavit and that the cat did not scratch me and they would release the animial.
    I went to the animal shelter told the truth and said I’ve had this cat for 4 or 5 days and the scratch could have come from some bushes I was trimming doubtfulf but can be cause for arguemnt. Fannie Lott herded me into a confrence room cited me for interference with an animal control officer claiming I filed a false report against a cat.
    I am so far out around 875.00: 250.00 to have an attorney review it and who wanted more to defend it, 275 for the ticket 100 to bail out the cat and another 200.00 for shots and a chip and I still have the pay animal control another 10.00 USD to register the cat even thought it not nor has it ever been mine. So far as I can tell the cose of the cat is is more than the cost of the divorce I am filing. Can you do anything to end this misery.

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