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One night about five years ago I was drinking with my uncle (recently he passed away ) so I desired to go to the grocery store to buy some beer ( we were watching a soccer game at home on T.V. ) anyway on my way to the grocery store I see this black American individual trying to approch me … fact he got the chance to talk to me, this person ( a low profile drug dealer try to sale me some cocaine ( a 20 $ bag ) I said to this @ssho|e to f#ckin go away and I wasn’t interested of buying anything ! the next thing I know is that this 2 undercover detectives come from no where  (out of the blue ) flashing their guns …and screming” don’t move ” freezze….in conclusion…. to make the story short I say to myself well I never buy nothing I got nothing….I wonder what the charges gonna be ? I was in jail one day and they charged me with intend of purchasing cocaine?….funny thing…when I went to see the judge the nexxt day they make me sign a paper that I will attempt to a private program for one year (American therapeutic ) they closed their offices for fraud to the medicare years later….I end up paying to this people like $ 5000 for like 2 long years ( I could not finish the program due to my job responsabilities at the end of the road the judge rossnick I don’t remember his last name to well……. threw me in jail for one month…..with a drug conviction… I can not find a decent job in Miami due for the heartless comprehenssion of some stupid cops….. that they have nothing to do than screw innocent people lives……F#ck this stupid system…..thank you.   I need this conviction overturned or expunged.

User story by Gustavo Z. (legal resident for the past 28 years in U.S. in Miami Beach fl 33139

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