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As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a doctor of medicine.¬† I set my goal as a young child, however, little did I know that one seemingly small mistake could rob me of my medical license after four long greuling years of medical school, and approximately three years of family practice residency.¬†I can honestly say that I am a saint as most of aren’t, but I am a descent human being and proud of my accomplishments.¬† I came from a very poor family, I was raised by my grandmother after the age of five years due to my mothers early demise.¬† So I was determined to educate my way out of poverty.¬† I attended a university to achieve my BSN-nursing, I then continued¬†my education¬†by matriculating¬†in medical school and then residency at a midwestern hospital.¬† However, my career¬†came to an end before if ever began.¬† Fifteen years ago, while drinking alcohol with some friends,we went to a supermarket and I tried to boost a¬†four dollar pack of cigarettes; I didn’t even get out of the store when a store employee asked me to come up to the office for a chat.¬† He said, he say me put the cigarettes in my pocket, and ask me to remain seated while he called the police, so I complied, not wanting any further trouble.¬† When the police officer arrived, he cited me a ticket for theft.¬†¬†A week or so later, I appeared in court,¬†and pleaded guilty to a¬†misdemeanor theft charge.¬† Little did i know, my life would change forever.¬† After completing medical school and some residency training in family practice medicine,I applied for my medical license¬†to practice medicine.¬† However, when applying for a medial licensure, the state requires your criminal record, of course this theft conviction appeared on my criminal record so I was denied a medical license to practice medicine because I have a jailable offense on my criminal record.¬† So after thirteen years of college and seventy thousand dollars in guaranteed student loans, I am not able to attain my license to practice medicine, and no hospital will hire me as a registered nurse because of this misdemeanor theft charge.¬† So this isolated theft conviction left me heavily in debt and jobless with no way to pay back my student loans.¬† One would think, in a nation as great as ours, there would be a little compassion and forgiveness for such a minor offense.¬† And in all fairness, I don’t want people to think I condone my action of attempted theft, however, the price tag in this case, is much to excessive.¬† I have sank in and out depression to the point that I would gladly welcome an early demise rather than be continually persecuted for a minor offense that occurred over fifteen years ago.¬† I would welcome any help or constructive suggestions that anyone has to offer.

Thank you

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  1. Mathew Higbee, Esq says:

    What a great example of the waste of human capital that occurs from irrational treatment of criminal records.

    I am not clear on what state denied you a license, however, there should be some process for administrative appeal. I know that people with more serious records have obtained medical licenses in CA. There are attorneys who specialize in those types of administrative cases.

  2. Paul Au-France says:

    I know what you mean. I am 21 years old with a 3 year old son. I grew up in and out of foster care with no family. at 17 i dropped out ran away from the currupt foster system and accidntaly got a girl pregnant and was laid off when the economy crashed. I resorted to stealing to SURVIVE literally. I also lost my car and license due to no isurance tickets. In WA you can get 1 misdemeanor vacated your WHOLE LIFE. BUT I have several!!!! I havent had a job in 2 years because of this mistake I made when homeless and after I tried every other option and state denied.

    • your loving mother says:

      you chose the foster system over your mother, you are a spoiled selfish child who gets high at every opportunity, if you would have stayed home you would have every thing but know you want to play a poor abused neglected boy who was beat by his evil mother every day well son i didnt beat you enough you chose your way of life as you still do. you have no respect for anyone even yourself. someday though your son will show you every thing you have done disrespectful to me cuz son what comes around goes around and your go around is going to make me smile. you will understand someday. that you left you abandoned your family, your sisters and chose to be in pity pot well all i have to say now is good luck with all the burnt bridges u have created in his family good luck on repairing them. good luck, cuz your gonna need it. love your mother

  3. docotrbeen there says:

    you should explore getting a license in different states. Hire an attorney with experience in professional licensing. you should be able to salvage things

  4. Tim says:

    So, how did things turn out, sounds like there must be some kind of appeal process on the board review?

  5. mike says:

    Also curious to find out what happened, as I am in a similar situation.

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