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A recent New York appellate court ruling will provide more people the opportunity to seal the drug offense convictions. The court recently reversed a lower court’s order denying the defendant’s motion to seal the record of his conviction.

Anyone with an arrest record knows of the embarrassment that accompanies the ordeal, from the booking and mugshots to having their arrest record haunt them personally and professionally by showing up on background checks for employment and housing. Unfortunately, the […]

This is exciting news for those trying to get a record expunged in the state of Pennsylvania. There is a great article on which goes into more detail. Essentially, senate bill 391 enables people with 2nd or 3rd degree […]

On May 2, 2012, the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, signed House Bill 1176, which altered the law governing criminal record expungement in Georgia. This revision allows records to be expunged or hidden from employers or licensing background checks. The […]

In Georgia, getting a second chance just became simpler. Effective on July 1, 2013, new revisions and changes to the law that outlines expungement and restriction in the state of Georgia can potentially help those who wish to put their […]

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