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My name is Bob. I served my country for 10 years in the United States Navy before returning home to take care of my daughter. I have over 19 years working with military personnel dealing which requires a standard of decorum and a top secret clearance. I got married in 2002 to a woman who unbeknownst to me was recently divorced, an alledged victim of domestic violence. I now see she married me to get out of debt and pay her way through school. Shortly after our marriage she became pregnant. After having our daughter, she immediately became distant. A few years later, we bought a house, given her credit was terrible I had to carry the loan myself. Six months later she finished her course work for her Phd, then she claimed that I beat her. There was no proof of  violence. However, I was arrested, I lost my job. The charges were dismissed. Afterwards, we got a divorce. Distraught and in despair, now realizing I have been exploited. My credibility and standing in the community was damaged. In addition, she hid my child from me. In attempt to alienate me from my child, she has filed false claims of domestic violence 5 other times.

Each time the case was dismissed. These claims have had a negative impact on my career. My ex-wife remarried a few months later. Just recently, she made another false allegation. This is an attempt to financially, psychologically, and emotionally destroy me and any healthy relationship with my child.

Sadly in the state of Florida, her malicious behavior can continue without any repercussions. She is actually manipulating the law to achieve her dysfunctional and immoral behavior. Ironically, I am the victim of domestic violence, by her actions and by a law that continues to retained dismissed allegations of domestic violence on record. The very act of retaining this in public record is detrimental to my life and also further her attempts to obtain sole custody. I have now learned that she has done this before. She just simply remarries to hide her previous history. What can be done ? There are no repecussions for her actions in the state of Florida, meanwhile my employability and credibility decreases in the community. No matter where I am, when a background check is performed these lies will be on my public record.

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