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 It was 2008 and I was working for a Company as a Caregiver. All of a sudden a group of people who were working for the same company decided that they did not like me so the Company had launched an investigation and interrogated me for over a week over possibluman See sexual misconduct of a Mentally challenged Adult. I was found that there was insignificant evidence that had happened in this case and over the course of the years leading to 2011 the Human Service records were found that this person had not told the truth about what he was trying to get me federally convicted of. The Charges were dropped. However the charges continued on as I had to go through court and I had a agreed in  April of 2010 to a 36 month Plea Deal. This was continued on until the date of April 24 of 2013. I thought my life would get better. As of today I am still trying to fight the conviction of sexual Assault. The District Attorney at the time who is now Currently a judge had informed me that they did not toss out the case even though they were lacking insignificant evidence and that Something could have happened. The reports that came back under the investigation were quite disturbing and I knew that I had not committed this type of crime. As of today this conviction has taken it’s toll on me and my family. I am in the process of petitioning the judge. However The District Attorney is not making any judgements for or against me and said that I could have the trial reopened. I spent two hours on August 1, 2014 trying to see where I could get Legal help as of this past month I have tried Contacting the State Legislature and the Governors office. Both parties have informed me that the Governor does not issue Pardons. After an employer see’s that the case was dismissed yet there is still a record of the Plea Bargain they ask If I was on probation and this conviction automatically disqualifies me from just about any job. How do I proceed in trying to prove that I did not committ  this crime.

User story by Ronald Burgandy in Wisconsin

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