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In 2009 the city of Philadelphia was going bankrupt and was confronted with the laying off of teachers, fireman, and police. One solution to the problem was to process warrants at a record pace.

In 2009 I was extradited for a crime I never committed. I had a job as a salesman selling home security systems and was stopped by the police for a routine check of my credentials. They asked me If I ever lived in Philadelphia I said yes I just moved back to San Antonio in 2007. In 2005 I asked a woman to leave the house I rented due to her drug abuse. She lied, made a false report in 2005 that she was locked in the basement of my house for days. There was never a police investigation, arrest, or even a phone call about the matter until 2009. Consequently, I was held in a jail in San Antonio for 11 days waiting for extradition. The first 3 days I was locked in a cell with 8 other people with a toilet that had no door. Water was limited, and due to over crowding we had to wait to get a bed upstairs. At the end of the eleven days I was shackled and expedited in a van that had a bank robber(a army officer robbed a bank on leave). Three Drug dealers, guy that robbed banks with letters (he was a member of NC State Mass choir), a crocked bail bondsman, and one guy called “Action News” he escaped jail one time for shooting a concert Vendor. They just caught him in New Mexico and we were chained together. There was also two prostitutes who flashed us from time to time. Also there was one guy that sat up close to the woman in a little box. He was online with child porn.We went through about 11 states. We had a two week break in Tennessee we had to wait there until the next van was going in your direction. The guards would take are pillows, bibles, and make us sleep on concrete slab. At the time I had just gave my life to Christ and I spent most of my time teaching parables to inmates.
I finally got to Philadelphia and thought the whole ordeal was over but was locked in Philadelphia county jail for 73 days total. Of course , the woman never showed up after three different chances to appear and a subpoena. Now my life has gotten back together. I am a Husband, Pastor, and a Farmers Agent. I still have that arrest on my record and it has cost me several six figure positions. It was like a ride on a slave ship. We never took our shackles off unless we were in a cell. Even then there was no bed sometimes. I have a lot more to say about this, but this is not the right platform.
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