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I live in missouri and have for 56 years only the last 20 plus, I each and every day still pay my so called debit to socitey. I AM A FELON. Why ? I was said to have knowingly posessed 1/10 th of a percent of first meth then amended to amphetamine. I fought it for about 4 yrs untill one retired dect got on stand told a lie then another came into the courtroom and told the same lie. After court they both meet me just outside the courtroom and said to me this. “Youve seen what we can do, if you dont make a plea you are going to get 7 years if you take this to trial ,and we can come up with wittness ,you saw what we did today,we are tired of you Dillard you better make a plea or you will get 7 years.”  SO I made an alford plea did 2 years probation with no problems then nor have I had in 20 some yrs.EXCEPT I AM A FELON because my lawyer lead me right into it,without a hint of a SIS nor was I educated of such at that time. I have applied 3 times for clemency of coarse Mo. says or use to but less and less each year because MISSOURI DOESNT GIVE PARDONS TO AVG PEOPLE . Ialmost had one I still hahe the letter where A Gov said he would be happy to help but he was killed in a plane crash before his last term had he lived and been elected. My lawyer went to prison hinself and also is now deceased my judge is retired  but I am still being punished and cant even have one of the many firearms my late Father wished me to have. nor could I retire as he did with a monthly federal retirement check. I couldnt own a bussiness searving liquor or sell cars as a dealer. and the list goies on. I am thinking of starting what could be the largest organisations (yea bad spelling ha ha) in the US and ya got to be a felon to be in it, 1 dollar a year to proclaim your fame amd offically be a member just maybe THEN WE WOULD HAVE A LARGE ENOUGH VOICE TO BE REALLY HEARD TO ESTABLISH X- FELONS there was more to this story but I was in a hurry to get to the end. signed Bruce

User story by Bruce Lynn D. in Missouri

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